SOG Credit Card Companion Review

SOG Credit Card Companion Review

Multi-tools are a handy addition to your collection. They feature multiple tools in a compact design, enabling you to perform a variety of tasks without hassle. The great thing is that you can easily find a range of multi-tools on the market, enabling you to select the one that best suits your needs.

However, not all models are equal regarding quality and efficiency. Therefore, you have to consider some factors when selecting a product. You can avoid the hassle by opting for a leading brand. SOG is a reputable brand when it comes to multi-tools.

Using SOG Credit Card Companion

The brand offers a range of products that serve different applications. The SOG Credit Card Companion bears the signature quality stamp of the company and is a handy multi-tool used in different settings, ranging from military to industrial. Here is an overview of the top features of this product:

Ultra-Compact Design

Multi-tools don’t get smaller than this product. The tool is the size of a credit card, which means you can easily store it in your wallet. The dimensions of the tool are 2.125 x 3.375 inches.


The small size of the multi-tool ensures it is not too heavy when you carry it around. The weight of the product is only 1.4 ounces. In fact, you might forget that you have it in your wallet, as it is so light.


Despite the lightweight and compact design of the product, it is sturdy and durable. You can attribute this to the material used for constructing it. SOG uses durable ABS plastic for manufacturing this multi-tool, ensuring you can use it for many years without hassle.


The SOG Credit Card Companion is virtually a risk-free purchase, as the brand offers a limited lifetime warranty. You can return and replace the model in the case of any issues. Rest assured, you won’t have to spend any extra money after you purchase it.

Holding SOG Credit Card Companion

Nine Tools

The product is the size of a credit cardholder, yet incorporates nine tools that you can use for various tasks. The tools range from a serrated edge steel blade to a toothpick. Yes, you can use this product as a toothpick. The other tools you get in this handy model include:

  • A knife
  • Tweezers
  • Bottle opener
  • Compass

It won’t be wrong to say that this product is similar to a Swiss Army Knife, especially considering the tools it offers.


  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Offers nine different tools
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Components tend to break after unpacking
  • Cheap plastic construction for some parts

What Others Say

A majority of people who purchased this product on Amazon are happy with its performance. According to one customer, the multi-tool is easy to store as you can carry it in your wallet. He states that sometimes he even forgets it is in his wallet till he needs it.

The customer did state that the compass does not offer accurate readings. Another reviewer mentioned that he purchased this multi-tool for her son and he liked it so much that she ordered one for her boyfriend. She states that she is thinking of buying one for herself.

SOG Credit Card Companion Cutting Rope

A customer wrote that the SOG Credit Card Companion makes for a great gift. He presented it to his friend who is into collecting knives, and he loved it. The customer goes on to say that the multiple tools in this model are handy. The knife is durable and slender.

Plus, the design is optimized to ensure the tool will not open in your pocket. Many customers praised the compact size of the multi-tool, which adds to its portability and enhances convenience. A few reviewers mention that they use the tool for different purposes and it works fine.

On the flip side, some customers did not have a pleasant experience with this product. One customer stated that the picker from the tool wedged in his credit card and broke off when he pulled it away. He returned it and received a replacement but faced the same problem again.

Another reviewer wrote that the tweezers broke as soon as he unpacked the product. In fact, a few customers mention that some components tend to break the moment you open the package. A customer stated that he is hesitant to gift it to anyone, considering the risk.

Buying Advice

You can conveniently purchase the SOG Credit Card Companion from Amazon. In fact, the brand states that is the only authentic retailer for this product. You should avoid purchasing from other sources.

You have the option to choose between used and new. You can buy it used for around $4, while a new one will cost you around $55, including the cost of shipping. You will receive the product at your doorstep, which is a major advantage of shopping on Amazon.

SOG Credit Card Companion On White Background


You can also browse other multi-tools that offer different features than this credit card companion if you want something more suitable for outdoor adventures and DIY projects.

Final Verdict

Overall, the SOG Credit Card Companion deserves all the praise it receives for its handy design, compact storage, and a variety of tools. There are few multi-tools that you can keep in your wallet without adding to the weight or size. You can conveniently open it up and use the different tools as per your requirements.

The only catch is that this product is not as durable as other multi-tools on the market. People seeking multi-tools for outdoor adventures are better off searching for high-end models. However, you should consider purchasing this model because of its reasonable price.

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